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Outer Limits Boro


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Cover by Russ Heath. "The Little Black Box," script by Hank Chapman, art by Bob Fujitani; A postal employee working in the dead letter office gets a duplicator that has been lost in time from the year 2000; He makes a duplicate of himself to leave with his nagging wife. "Who Dares To Enter???", script by Stan Lee, art by Joe Maneely. "Where Is Death?", art by Don Rico; Satan warns one of his sailor minions to get off a ship sailing the Sargasso sea because he has rewarded his minion with immunity from death at sea in exchange for his service. "Vengeance Of The Time Stream" text story. "The Luck Of Louis Nugent"; A child is born as a jinx and is there at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attack. "The Scientists," art by Harry Lazarus. 36 pgs., full color. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.