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Outer Limits Boro


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In the Ravencroft Asylum, a restrained Cletus Kasady is being brought in by Officer Resnick and four other security guards after a period incarcerated at the Vault.  Kasady promises that when he escapes, he will kill Resnick quickly and with minimal agony. He's then handed over to Dr. Pournella and Dr. Landis so they could conduct some experiments on him. Dr. Landis believes that Kasady simply dressed up in some gaudy red costume while calling himself Carnage. Dr. Pournella reveals that they are conducting tests on Kasady because of an unexplained anomaly that keeps registering in his blood, and when she puts a needle in Kasady's arm, the Carnage symbiote reawakens and kills the guards and Dr. Landis. Carnage reveals that he lied to Resnick about the minimal agony. He then tells Dr. Pournella that he will celebrate his newfound freedom by slaying everyone in Ravencroft.  Meanwhile, Peter, Flash, Felicia, Mary Jane, JJ, Robbie, Aunt May, Peter's parents, Liz, Normie, and Mark are all attending the funeral of Harry Osborn. Felicia is wondering about the truth behind Harry's death.  Liz tells Peter that Harry's happiest times were when the two were roommates back in college. Mary Jane mentions that Normie keeps glaring at them. Peter reflects on how Harry saved his life, and that his friends, foes, and family all manage to become jumbled together somehow. Back at Ravencroft, while Carnage is busy with his murdering, he hears someone cheering him on and frees the criminal known as Shriek in order to increase his ratio of kills per time. Back with Peter and Mary Jane, Peter is trying to get her to quit smoking so he won't have to attend her funeral as well and to make it equal, he promises her to stop being Spider-Man for a week or two.  Across town somewhere, Carnage is telling Shriek how he shared a jell cell with Eddie Brock, and that when the Venom symbiote freed him, a part of it was left behind for Kasady to become Carnage.  Spider-Man then used sonics on both symbiotes and Kasady arrived at Ravencroft. He then thinks he sees Spider-Man, but it turns out to be the Doppelganger who teamed up with Demogoblin.  Shriek reveals her sonic power to protect the Doppelganger, so he can join their twisted family.  Peter hears that Kasady escaped Ravencroft and goes after him, thinking about all his old foes will never die off and keep coming back. Instead, he runs into Shriek and his Doppelganger. Mary Jane also hears on the television that Carnage escaped, and Shriek reveals both her powers and the fact that she and Carnage are an item to Spider-Man. Spider-Man quickly takes out Shriek, but the Doppelganger jams him in the ribs and off the building they were fighting on. The Doppelganger swings away with Shriek as Spider-Man collapses. Finally, at the Daily Bugle, Kate Cushing alerts Jonah that Carnage is loose. As he goes into his office to collect his passport and leave, he sees Kasady already in there and waiting for him to help him go on a hunt for Venom.