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"Dawn of the Darkhawk"

The Hobgoblin is searching for an item of power rumored to have been hidden somewhere in Queens NY. To help in this endeavor, he recruits mob boss Phillipe Bazin to find it. Bazin's gang accosts St Johnny near the old fairgrounds and offers him money for the info they want. They leave Johnny a taste of what they would pay and give him time to think it over. Meanwhile, the Powell family is having their own troubles thanks to Mr. Bazin. ADA Grace Powell is offered a bribe to lay off Bazin which she turns down, and Mike Powell is having problems as a police officer in an overworked underpaid force. As they talk at the dinner table, Mike Powell mentions how he needs "an Edge Against Crime". That Sunday night Chris is left at home to babysit his twin brothers while his parents are out working on various things. He steps out for a little time to hang out with his friends and comes home to find his brothers aren't there. They had mentioned wanting to visit the fairgrounds before they were demolished so that's where Chris would look. He finds his brothers there, but he also finds something he didn't want to find. Through an opening, he sees his father taking money from Bazin's goons. The brothers can't believe it and end up making a commotion which the goons use to find them in the funhouse. The Powell brothers break free and barricade themselves in a room. Chris hides his brothers in a cabinet and then looks for something to use as a weapon. He picks up a diamond-shaped amulet and immediately turns into the Mysterious Darkhawk. The goons break through the barricade and find Darkhawk standing there. They attack and Darkhawk fights back using his Darkforce blast and super strength. A goon charges Darkhawk with a live electrical cable and ends up frying himself in the process. Darkhawk then knocks out the other goons and ties them up for the police. Darkhawk panics not knowing if he would be stuck in this body forever. He then changes back to Chris Powell and retrieves his...