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Outer Limits Boro

Marc Spector: Moon Knight #55 10/93 Marvel Comics CGC 9.6

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Marlene is regretting her decision to join FalkonCorp while Cruz and Cray sneak through the building in stolen FalkonCorp guard uniforms. They unknowingly trigger an alarm and Seth himself faces them, draining Cray's life-force and leaving Cruz a babbling mess. Meanwhile, Frenchie is being beaten by Agony and Flare in Chloe's apartment. The fights back and is thrown out a window. Hanging from the fire escape, he transforms into Pierre Latrec. Marc learns of the fates of Cray and Cruz and waits until dark to get his revenge. As Pierre Latrec, Frenchie violently fights back, killing Flare and ripping Agony's hair out. At the same time, Moon Knight breaks into FalkonCorp, facing heavy security. He makes it to Seth's office, only to see... himself.