Marvel Comics Strange Tales #169 1st Brother Voodoo CGC 5.0

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Two men named Doctor Maitland and Willoby are accosted by gunmen at the Port-au-Prince airport in Haiti. However, a cloud of smoke rolls in, and Brother Voodoo appears! He soon dispatches some gun men with ease. A ghostly figure emanates from Brother Voodoo, and possesses one of the gun men, turning him against his allies. After the gunmen are taken care of, the spirit re-enters Brother Voodoo. Voodoo then reflects on his past...Brother Voodoo was once a prominent psychiatrist in the US: Jericho Drumm. Jericho learns that his brother, Daniel has fallen ill, so returns to Haiti. Daniel reveals that he was once Brother Voodoo. He was inflicted with a deadly disease by a man named Damballah the Serpent God, when he tried to stop him from teaching black magic to locals. Daniel urges Jericho to visit a Houngan (witch doctor) named Papa Jambo.Daniel dies at midnight. Enraged, Jericho attacks Damballah, but is beaten to within an inch of his life, but fails to finish him, claiming he is not worth killing. Jericho takes Daniel to Papa Jambo, who informs him he will become the next Brother Voodoo.The case of the men attacked at the airport continues in issue 171, while the origin story is continued next issue...