Roy Rogers Comics #31 1950

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Photo cover of the famous singing cowboy, plus interior photos. Roy Rogers and the "Knight Errant", art by Albert Micale; A young man from England playing toreador on the range--feeling like a Knight Errant, he rescues a lady from a tin-horn gambler turned rancher. Dangerous Loot starring Roy Rogers, art by Al McKimson team; Camping out on the range at night, Roy watches as an aircraft crashes nearby; A man with a suitcase full of money gets away and takes Miss Archer along as a hostage. Kit Carson Fights a War, part 2--Pioneers of the Old West text story, art by Albert Micale. Trigger story, art by Harry Parks. Full back cover pin-up of Roy and Trigger. 48 pgs. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.

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