Sell My Collection

Sell My Collection

Got a collection to sell, send us a list. We buy comics from all ages, golden age all the way to today. Got a Magic or Pokemon collection, we buy those as well. A few things to remember when looking at selling you collection.

  1. Condition-the better it looks, the more it will be worth

  2. Demand-a popular book, like 1st Wolverine, will sell a lot faster than say, 1st Speedball.

  3. Need-If its something we don't need, we will kindly decline to purchase your items. Nothing personal. It's just sometimes we just don't need certain things.

  4. The OLB will not look at ANY collection within 1 hour of closing.

  5. Please call ahead and make sure the proper associate is here to help you when you arrive.  

    Feel free to message us at and put Sell My Collection in the subj