Batman #118 Mico Suayan Exclusives 1st Appearance Abyss

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***BATMAN #118 BIG TIME EDITION CBCS 9.8 $149.99 

Limited and reduced to 300 copies by CBCS graded 9.8 Each graded copies will have sequential numbering from 1 of 300 to 300 of 300. Each BIG TIME EDITION slabs will have the new BTC/CBCS custom private label. BIG TIME EDITION slabs will come with a raw copy of BATMAN #118 Trade Dress (limited to 3000) and BATMAN #118 Sketch Minimal Trade Dress (limited to 1500)

Big Time Edition Slabs will be shipped later than the trade dress due to them being graded. 

NOTE: Big Time Collectibles will be delivering the entire print run of Batman #118 BTC Exclusive Virgin Variant to CBCS. CBCS will prescreen the entire print run until they are able secure 300 CBCS 9.8 grade. There will be no raw copies available for sale and only 300 CBCS 9.8 will be available with sequential numbering from 1 of 300 to 300 of 300. With that being said it is an industry knowledge that publishers gives a small amount of comps to creators. And by all means CBCS will not have a single raw copy in possession after grading the 300 copies and Big Time Collectibles will not be selling raw copies of the BIG TIME EDITION.

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Release dates and art are subject to change.

We guarantee 9.2-9.8 condition of the comics unless stated otherwise. We can not guarantee 9.8 grades on raw or graded books.

No cancellations on exclusive or ratio items.

Be sure to select EXACTLY what you want. Trade Dress, Set ETC. 

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