The Munsters 2 Book Lot (#2B, #3) 1997 Series

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One of the last great sitcoms of black-and-white television, the Munsters became the stars of a second comic book series when TV Comics! launched this title at the 1997 San Diego Comic Convention.

The Munsters, who live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, are (obviously enough) a family of monsters. Herman Munster (the dad) looks just like Frankenstein; Lily (the mom) looks like a female vampire—as does little Eddie Munster; and Grandpa is a dead ringer for an elderly Dracula. In stark contrast, their cousin Marilyn is a blonde, girl-next-door.

Although the family lives in a creepy house decorated in early mausoleum chic, they’re really just a fun-loving, All-American family. Herman, for instance, is an affable sort who worries about the sort of boys Marilyn is going out with, while wondering why the neighbors look at them so strangely.

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