Vicious Circus Graphic Novel

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Clown Town. Where killer clowns are avenging spirits for abused children. Where abused children meld into the carnie masses, masked by twisted inner faces. Where young Chelsea Schroeder is left to her own devices in the search for her lost friend, Melvin. But Melvin may already be a part of the dark circus, simultaneously its beneficiary and its victim! And Chelsea may soon join him, unless she evades the clowns who just may be her saviors!

Vicious Circus is a 120-page Graphic Novel of clown horror, featuring a 96-page core story written by Kevin LaPorte (Last Ride for Horsemen, The Absentee, (Roadkill du Jour, Scales of Time) and art by Amanda Rachels (Flesh of White, Arcana Studios' The Book), with colors by Nathan Lueth (Flesh of White)! Also includes two 8-page short Vicious Circus stories by the core art team but one written by Erica J. Heflin (Antithesis, The Black Hand, Zenescope's Wonderland) and the other by core writer, Kevin LaPorte.